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{NAME], are your hands cold?

How about your legs… do you feel them ache as you sit in that chair? And your back, too?

And are you having some trouble concentrating on this text?

I’m asking you these questions because these are all signs of the same problem:


Didn’t expect me to say that, did you? Don’t worry, I’ll explain…

You see, your body is home to over 100,000 miles of blood vessels. Think of them as your internal “highway” system.

And you have millions of blood cells traveling along all these highways like tiny delivery trucks. They carry vital nutrients and oxygen all over your body.

But there’s a big problem…

As you get older, your blood vessels begin to get narrower and more constricted. In other words, your body’s big, wide highways start shrinking into little, narrow streets…

And this causes a massive traffic jam inside you.

And while your blood cells are stuck in this “traffic jam”… tissues and organs all over your body are left waiting for oxygen and nutrients that never come.

As a result, your body starts to wear down!

This is what you commonly think of as aging — the slow, frustrating decline in your energy, metabolism, and alertness as you get older.

But is it possible to change this?

What if you could turn those narrow, jammed streets inside you… back into the 5-lane blood flow superhighways they were meant to be?

Wouldn’t you LOVE the way this would “wake up” your whole body… so you could feel younger and stronger than you have in years?

Well, I have some good news for you:

It turns out, there is a way to reopen your blood vessels, improve your blood flow, and “recharge” your body.

And an elite team of scientists was actually awarded the Nobel Prize® for discovering it.1 It’s called:


Nitric oxide is the compound in your body that helps your blood vessels stay open so your blood flows freely.2

And guess what? The older you get… the more your supply of blood-vessel-opening nitric oxide begins to dwindle!

THIS is why you start feeling more sluggish, less sharp… and generally weaker than you used to be.

But then… how do you restore your nitric oxide levels?

Well, you can marginally increase your systemic nitric oxide by eating spinach, garlic, beets, watermelon, celery, carrots, parsley, cabbage, radishes, and collard greens…

But you’d have to eat PILES of these vegetables at every meal, every single day.

And this is just not sustainable! My wife Penny and I both tried. So did many of my patients. Nobody could stick to it long-term.

So, I spent months researching and testing natural compounds that can boost nitric oxide in your system — opening up your blood vessels and restoring vitality to your body.

And the result of all this work is a formula I proudly call:

Enhanced Circulation Formula

And as a cardiologist and cardiac surgeon, I’m thrilled to introduce this incredible blood-flow-enhancing formula to you today!

It combines 7 ultra-potent nitric oxide boosters to get your blood flowing freely throughout your body again — making it possible for you to:

  • Skyrocket your energy
  • Increase your mental sharpness
  • Fire up your metabolism
  • Enhance your overall health

You won’t remember the last time you felt this fantastic!

And as of the writing of this email, Enhanced Circulation Formula is officially available to the public. And it’s expected to sell out in record time!

After all, this formula contains not one… but SEVEN powerful nitric oxide-boosting ingredients to revitalize your body…

And ALL of these ingredients have additional health-enhancing functions:

L-Citrulline is a dual threat. First, it helps protect against free radical damage. Second, it’s crucial for helping to strengthen your muscles.

Beetroot Powder is a powerful antioxidant that can track down and eliminate dangerous free radicals roaming your body. It also helps keep your immune system in check — so it works for you and not against you.5

Hawthorne Berry has amazing cardiovascular qualities. It works by assisting the body in widening blood vessels, which in turn increases the flow of blood.6

Epimedium Sagittatum is an ancient medicinal Chinese herb and has shown an amazing ability to increase blood flow for well over 2,000 years.

Pomegranate is a superfruit overflowing with polyphenols and antioxidants.7

Korean Ginseng is a natural “immunity booster” known for keeping the trillions of cells in your body safe and healthy.8

Cayenne is more than just a pepper. It contains a potent natural element called capsaicin, which has a solid track record for helping to burn fat.9

Now, that’s an impressive ingredient list! And you can bet this formula takes time to make — which brings up an important point:

As of this moment, there are only 2,840 bottles in this introductory batch of Enhanced Circulation Formula.

And the second this email goes out… these bottles will start disappearing fast. In fact, there’s a good chance this formula will sell out before the end of the day.

And, I don’t want you to miss out! So, as an extra incentive to take action now, I’m giving you an exclusive introductory discount:

The retail price for this incredible formula is $49.95. But right now, I’m offering Enhanced Circulation Formula to you for as low as $36 per bottle. That’s almost $14 off of every bottle you get!

So, click here and enjoy Enhanced Circulation Formula now at this special introductory price (before these 2,840 sell out).

NOTE: You’ll get bigger discounts on multi-bottle packs, and shipping is free on all US multi-bottle orders.

Your life is about to get so much easier — and SO much more fun with all that extra energy! But you must act now… or you’ll miss out on this opportunity!

So, click the link above, and grab your bottles of Enhanced Circulation Formula and start enjoying your “whole body recharge” now!

Looking out for you,

Steven Gundry, MD
Steven Gundry, MD

P.S. Did you know you’re trying this formula completely risk-free? Enhanced Circulation Formula is covered by my 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you don’t feel mentally quicker, more youthful and energized, and healthier overall… just give my U.S.-based customer support team a call. We’ll refund your entire purchase price, no questions asked.

Experience Enhanced Circulation Formula, completely risk-free for 90 days — but hurry, before these 2,840 bottles sell out!

P.P.S. At this price, these 2,840 bottles will not last long. So, do yourself a favor and don’t delay on this one!

Headline: “Who’s your human angel?”

Dear [NAME],

Take a moment to reflect back on your accomplishments in life, big or small.

Most likely, they all started with a spark of inspiration — perhaps from where you least expected it.

As you know, my laboratory has been undergoing a major expansion…

Well, last night, after the workers left, I looked around at my awesome (expanded) laboratory — and realized that I probably wouldn’t have even started Whole Body Research…

…had it not been for a chance encounter many years ago.

You see, shortly after graduating from high school, I fell into a bit of a rut.

For one, I had just broken up with my long-time girlfriend.. but more importantly, I still didn’t know what exactly I wanted to do with my life.

So, I decided that I needed a drastic change of environment — the farther from home, the better.

And since I had always wanted to see Alaska, I figured it’d be the perfect destination… So I borrowed some money from a friend and caught the first plane to Anchorage (in the dead of winter, mind you!).

Anyway, eventually, I ended up in Fairbanks, where I got a job working as a courier…

And on my fourth day on the job, I was given an overtime assignment: delivering documents to Allen Army Airfield, in Delta Junction — which required me to take a 100-mile drive down a desolate stretch of Highway 2.

Well, after an hour of driving, a heavy snowfall hit. It was coming down so hard, I could hardly see… so I pulled over to wait it out on the side of the road.

As I sat there, reading whatever book I had in the glove compartment, a man in his late 60s suddenly tapped on my window.

He introduced himself as Roy and asked if I was okay.

I told him that I was just waiting for the snow to let up… that my car was fine and I didn’t need any help…

But Roy insisted I come in for a cup of hot chocolate (turns out I’d pulled over right in front of his driveway).

Coming from a big city, I was (pleasantly) surprised by how hospitable Roy was — after all, I was just some stranger he met on the side of the road.

So, as we sat near the fireplace in his living room, Roy told me he was a retired public school teacher.

But he never really stopped teaching.

Roy explained how a number of years ago, budget cuts forced the school where he worked to cut various programs — including the classes he taught for students with learning disabilities.

Well, the parents couldn’t afford private programs…

So, Roy retired early and resumed those classes at his home, five days a week — free of charge.

In fact, all the books and materials were paid for by Roy’s modest savings account…

And being a great self-taught cook, Roy even had the kids help him prepare lunch every day — so they could learn to make healthy meals.

Roy admitted that by the end of most days he was physically exhausted.

But knowing he was making a real difference in his students’ lives — that gave him the energy he needed.

I’ll tell you, listening to Roy talk about his life was amazing… I don’t think I’d ever met anyone before who was so dedicated to helping others.

So, after chatting for about an hour, I apologized to Roy and told him that I needed to get back on the road — even though I didn’t want to leave.

Luckily, Roy said I was welcome to visit him anytime. He even invited me to come see his “classroom” the following week so I could meet his students.

Of course, I was more than happy to accept.

So the next time I went to Roy’s, I sat in the back and watched him teach… with a level of energy and enthusiasm that’s almost impossible to describe.

And at that moment, my entire mindset changed — I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to helping others too.

(And that’s what eventually inspired me to go into nutritional science!)

Anyway, I returned to Los Angeles two months later — but I kept in touch with Roy.

In fact, when I was going through growing pains in the early years of Whole Body Research, I would think of Roy, and it helped me to keep marching forward.

Sadly, he has since passed away — but I never forgot him.

The nature of his persona remains at the core of my professional and personal life.

And I think everyone has a ‘Roy’ — you know, someone who’s inspired them, been a mentor, or helped them find their true calling.

It could be a family member, a teacher, or just a stranger who comes into your life…

And sometimes you may not realize the impact that person has made — until much later on.

I’m sure you have a great story to tell, and I would love to hear it.

So hit ‘reply’ and tell me about someone who’s made a difference in your life, and what he or she inspired you to do.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy

Whole Body Research


P.S. Yes, I’m really serious. I want to hear from you. I have no doubt that you have an inspirational story to share about someone who has guided you in accomplishing your goals in life. I believe that it’s important to reflect on this, because sometimes you may not realize how much a single person has changed the course of your life, for the better.



Headline: “The 100-year-old skier (true story)”

Dear [NAME],

I hope my wife doesn’t catch me.

I’m writing this in the lobby of my hotel near the Powder Mountain Ski resort, in Utah.

It’s been ages since we took a family vacation, and I promised that I wouldn’t use my laptop.

But I had a fascinating encounter yesterday that I really want to tell you about.

Okay, let me ask this: how would you like to live to be 100?

Not survive until you’re 100. I mean live, actively, with purpose — like you do now.

If you do, read on.

You see, yesterday morning I finally got the guts to attempt Powder Mountain’s “Straight Shot” — a black diamond run.

So there I was, standing on the edge of the slope (my heart was beating like a drum, but there was no turning back now).

Anyway, right as I was about to take off, another skier pulled up next to me.

He was tall and fit, with a healthy tan — the kind of guy you’d expect to see on a black diamond run.

So imagine my surprise when he looked right at me and said…

“Never thought I’d be doing this at 90.”

Did I hear him correctly? 90?!

I thought maybe he was in his early 60s (tops).

But before I could say anything, he jetted down the mountain — navigating the terrain like a man half his age.

Well, eventually I managed to get down the slope in one piece too — a proud accomplishment after repeatedly eating snow during my previous attempt.

But I couldn’t stop thinking about that skier.

In fact, I became determined to find him — and ask him how on Earth he was able be so fit and energetic at his age?

Well, after an hour of searching around, I finally spotted him having a cup of tea in the café.

So I walked right over and introduced myself. Fortunately, he remembered me.

“Nice to meet you! My name’s Walter,” he said warmly.

So I explained that I’m always searching for new ways to help my clients live longer, healthier lives…

And I asked Walter if he had any advice (after all, he clearly knew a thing or two about longevity).

Walter chuckled and gestured to a man walking over with a bowl of soup.

“You’ll have to ask my brother, Eddie. He’ll be a hundred in June.”

I was floored!

Ten years didn’t make much of a difference. They looked almost exactly the same — only Eddie walked a tad slower.

Luckily, the brothers were happy to chat with me for a bit, so I pulled up a chair.

During our conversation, I learned that Walter and Eddie were self-taught businessmen, who started — and still ran — a successful landscaping company in Utah.

But when I got to the subject of nutrition, the brothers looked at each other and shrugged.

To my surprise, they didn’t know anything about macro- and micronutrients — or any of that scientific stuff.

Their “secret” was surprisingly… simple.

The brothers still eat the same kind of homemade meals they ate growing up.

During the Great Depression, beef and chicken were tough to come by, so they ate fresh vegetables from the family garden, and healthy grains bought at a local market.

And twice a week the family ate trout caught at a nearby lake.

Dessert was a rare treat — and even today the brothers don’t care for sweets.

They found my questions amusing. In their mind, they just practiced simple, healthy eating.

Eddie did point out what he thought was the real key — portion size.

The brothers had three meals a day but always ate until they were about “80% full” — and never after 6pm.

Indeed, this was a wise habit.

You see, constantly taxing your digestive system by eating too much, too frequently — or both — eventually causes it to start breaking down.

And on top of weight gain, this can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and chronic inflammation.

Then, of course, we got on the subject of the brothers’ fitness regime.

Eddie, the centenarian, took the lead and said it’s very easy to stay fit — you just need to engage in activities you enjoy.

For instance, the brothers first tried skiing in their 20s, loved it, and never quit. (Last year, Eddie replaced downhill skiing with cross-country, since it’s easier on his knees — but still goes just as frequently.)

During the warmer months, the brothers still do lap swimming at a local pool and go on hiking trips to Zion Park.

So far… it all seemed like good old-fashioned common sense.

But then, all of a sudden, Walter leaned in and told me what he felt was the true secret to longevity:


You see, his parents taught him that holding grudges was like “throwing meat into a dark closet” — it would sit there and rot.

It sounds like folksy wisdom… but medically speaking, this actually makes sense.

You see, anger, hate, holding grudges — these types of negative emotions generate ongoing stress.

In fact, stress causes cortisol to be released into your bloodstream, which can lead to a host of problems, including heart disease.

Anyway, by the time my chat with Eddie and Walter ended, I felt… well, rather enlightened.

You see, there wasn’t anything new or revolutionary about their lifestyle. The brothers listened to their bodies, practiced moderation, and had fun outdoors.

What makes them special is that they maintained these habits throughout their lives — no matter what.

So, what can you learn from the brothers?

Well, the main lesson is to think of healthy habits as a journey, not a destination.

It’s common for people to start on the right path… only to slack off or quit down the road.

But Walter and Eddie are living proof that consistency really pays off in the long run…

At least that was my takeaway.

What about you? What do you make of their story? Did it inspire you to make any changes to your routine? Or do you think these guys just got lucky?

Hit ‘reply’ and share your thoughts. I mean it, I always appreciate your input.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy

Whole Body Research


Headline:  “Sleep of Die Part 1”

Dear [NAME],

Sleep is the holy grail of good health. It helps to regulate your hormone levels, supports your immune system, and helps you recover from daily physical and mental stress.

In fact, sleep is critical for every single process in the human body.

On the other hand, lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your health.

Inadequate sleep can make you more prone to illness, slow your mind, cause weight gain, and trigger psychological disorders — and that’s the short list.

And sleep deprivation is a huge problem.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 1 in 3 Americans are sleep deprived.

Think about that for a moment… A third of our country.

So, I want to tell you a story about my own (extreme) experience with sleep deprivation.

Years ago, before settling into marriage and fatherhood, one of my goals was to run the Badwater Ultramarathon — the world’s toughest foot race.

Basically, it’s a 135-mile course through Death Valley (one of the hottest places on Earth), where summer temperatures reach a balmy 130 degrees.

The only way I could train for such a race was to replicate these conditions as closely as possible.

So, I started training in my friend’s sauna — where I put in a spinning bike (wrapped in towels) and a manual treadmill.

My regime went like this: I trained inside the 180-degree sauna — 4 days a week.

Now, at first, 30 minutes of sauna training was all I could handle.

But by the sixth week my training sessions were two hours — and by the end of the second month, I was able to do four hours.

I have to tell you, it was grueling.

But the worst was yet to come.

You see, this was a timed race, which meant I would be running through the night without sleep.

So, to prepare, I started to gradually reduce sleep every night by 30 minutes — while still training.

Initially, my body adjusted to getting less sleep and I was still able to maintain my training intensity.

But, by the time I was down to four hours of sleep a night — everything went into reverse.

I started feeling weak and sick, like I had the flu.

Remembering basic things, and making simple decisions, became nearly impossible.

I also became very moody. When a few of my friends called to check up on me, I acted paranoid and irritable.

The writing was on the wall — I should’ve stopped and resumed my normal 8-hour sleep schedule.

Instead, I (foolishly) decided to keep going.

Well, everything came to a head on a Monday evening of the third month of my training — and after three weeks of reduced sleep.

That night I entered the sauna for my usual training session.

But as soon as I stepped on the treadmill, my heart rate suddenly shot up.

I started to feel dizzy and nauseous, and my vision became blurry…

And at that moment it hit me: in trying to push myself to the edge — I had gone over it.

But before I could exit the sauna… everything went pitch black.

Well, the events that happened next were truly frightening — and life-changing.

Once you hear the rest of the story, you’ll never think of sleep in the same way again.

Now, I respect your time, so I’m going to save the rest of the story for my next email.

By the way, I’m not telling you this story just for entertainment purposes.

As always, I’m here to help you live a healthy life — and getting good sleep is a key part of that.

So, in my next email, I’ll also teach you some little-known “tricks” that will help you get the best sleep of your life… every single night.

Anyway, stay tuned for “Sleep or Die: Part 2” — you don’t want to miss it!

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy

Whole Body Research


Dear [NAME],

In case you missed my last email (“Sleep or Die: Part 1”), here’s where we left off:

I was training for the Badwater Ultramarathon – the world’s toughest footrace.

So, in order to prepare myself for running through the night, I started to intentionally deprive myself of sleep in the weeks leading up to it.

Well, this had some very serious consequences:

By the third week of my sleep deprivation training, I blacked out.

When I opened my eyes — I was in an ambulance, on the way to the hospital.

According to the doctor, the lack of sleep nearly caused me to have a stroke…

And after I got out of the hospital, it took me about a month to fully recover.

Now, my case was extreme, but it taught me a valuable lesson about the importance of sleep.

In fact, since then, I’ve followed 5 simple “sleep hacks” that enable me to get a good night’s rest — every single night.

And I’m going to share them with you today…

Because if you’re like 1 out of every 3 Americans, you’re not getting enough sleep.

Sleep Tip #1: Have your last meal at least two hours before bedtime — and avoid snacking.

Now, I know this tip seems obvious — but you’d be surprised how many people ignore it.

You see, during sleep, all of your internal organs slow down in order to rest and recharge.

So when you eat not long before bed (especially a heavy meal with meat), your digestive system is forced to work throughout the night.

And this prevents you from entering that magical, invigorating stage of ‘deep sleep.’

So if you tend to wake up groggy and sluggish, your midnight snack may be to blame.

Tip #2: Take a cold shower before bed (it shouldn’t be long — a minute or two is fine).

Now, most people think cold showers are supposed to jolt you awake.

But they can actually help you fall asleep as well.

Why? Because a cold rinse lowers your body temperature — which helps you enter deep sleep faster.

Tip #3: Do a “5-Minute Meditation Session” every night.

Simply find a dark, quiet place where nothing and no one will disturb you…

Set a timer for 5 minutes…

Sit in a comfortable chair and close your eyes…

And just pay attention to your breathing — nothing else.

At first, thoughts may creep in, but just focus on your breathing, and they’ll eventually melt away.

You’ll feel calm, relaxed and ready to enter the world of dreams.

(I’ve been doing this every day for more than 20 years, and it helps me sleep like a baby.)

Tip #4: Stop using electronic devices 30 minutes before bedtime.

According to the National Sleep Foundation: “The blue light emitted by screens on cell phones, computers, tablets, and televisions restrains the production of melatonin, the hormone that controls your sleep/wake cycle…”

Moreover, these devices can over-stimulate your brain with a constant stream of news and information… which makes it harder to relax and disconnect.

Tip #5: Drink a cup of Valerian Root tea shortly before bed.

Researchers have discovered that valerian root can help you fall asleep faster, and greatly improve the quality of your sleep throughout the night.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, “Valerian root is believed to increase the amount of a chemical called gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain. GABA helps regulate nerve cells and has a calming effect on anxiety.”

Best of all, you can find valerian root tea in most health food stores — and it usually costs less than $10 per box.

I always drink a cup of this tea shortly before bedtime, and it works amazingly well.

Look, if you’re like me, you live a busy life, full of family and professional responsibilities.

And I know that getting eight hours of sleep every night may be impossible.

But it’s not just about how many hours you sleep — it’s about the quality of sleep.

That means being able to enter ‘deep sleep’ (the most invigorating stage of the four-stage sleep cycle)… and that’s what these tips can help you achieve.

But most importantly, they’ll help you wake up feeling refreshed, energetic, and ready to have a productive day.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy

Whole Body Research

P.S. As always, I would love to hear from you. Let me know how you’ve been sleeping lately — and how these tips work out for you.


Headline:  Tired? Make a “Red Cappetta”! (DIY energy recipe inside)

Dear [NAME],

I was at the store the other day and a lady standing behind me in line had two cases of energy drinks in her cart.

I felt bad for her — actually, I was worried about her.

I mean, her energy drink habit was putting her at risk for health problems like high blood pressure, convulsions, heart attack, and more…

There have even been a number of deaths linked to energy drinks.1

So, why would Americans consume nearly 29 billion gallons of them every year?

The answer can be summarized with one equation: Addiction + ignorance = profit.

Energy drinks contain two of the most addictive substances on Earth — sugar and caffeine.

Oh, they do provide plenty of energy… to the multi-billion dollar global energy drink industry.

You don’t need to put any more money in their pockets. Especially not at the expense of your own health.

Now, I know what you’re thinking — you don’t drink “too many” energy drinks, so it’s not a big deal, right?

You see, that’s just the problem — it doesn’t take much.

An 8-ounce energy drink (like a small can of Red Bull) contains approximately 80mg of caffeine.

Today, the biggest-selling energy drinks are 16-ounce cans, which can have up to 344 mg of caffeine — equal to about 4 cups of coffee.

And caffeine is not the only problem (in small doses, it’s perfectly healthy.

But energy drinks are also loaded with insane amounts of sugar — that’s the real issue.

An 8-ounce energy drink is loaded with 24 to 29 grams of sugar. A 16 ounce can contain 60 grams.

Rockstar, a popular 16-ounce energy drink, has a Guava/tropical flavor that contains as much sugar as two cans of coke.

And forget about the “diet” versions — they contain artificial sweeteners that are even worse for you than sugar.

So, think about that for a moment. If you have one energy drink in the morning, another after lunch, and maybe a cup of coffee in between — that’s already a very dangerous daily dose of sugar and caffeine.

By the way, energy drink manufacturers get consumers to overlook the high sugar and caffeine content by adding B vitamins.

But the truth is, B vitamins do absolutely nothing to provide your body with a jolt of energy — your body uses B vitamins to help metabolize food into energy.

Moreover, you can get plenty of B vitamins from your diet. Cereal, chicken, beef, dairy products, and potatoes are all good sources of B vitamins… and they don’t come with heaping spoonfuls of sugar.

In short, you’re spending a lot of money for nothing more than sugar and caffeine — that’s like paying for potential health problems (heart palpitations, nausea, vomiting, shakes, etc).2

Not a very wise investment.

So, spare your heart, adrenal glands, and wallet with my simple and nutritious homemade energy drink, that will give your real energy and is actually good for you.

I call it the Red Cappetta (you know, like Red Bull…only without the sugar and caffeine)

You’ll need:

1 cup of sparkling mineral water

½ cup of fresh grapefruit juice

1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

¼ cup of raspberries

2-3 mint leaves

1 tablespoon of agave

½ tablespoon of pure (unsweetened) cocoa powder

Directions: Blend all the ingredients in a mixer… and enjoy!

Look, the bottom line is that no mass-produced energy drink will give you real energy.

Real energy is getting enough sleep every night, stress management, exercise, and a proper diet.

But if you’re in a pinch and you need a little pick-me-up, forget the Red Bull and reach for a Red Cappetta instead.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy,

Whole Body Research


Headline: Good news — I found the secret ingredient (finally!)

Dear [NAME]

If you ever take a trip to India, I highly recommend visiting the state of Andhra Pradesh.

It has some of the most breathtaking and untouched nature on Earth.

I went there last year — but not as a tourist.

You see, for quite some time, I’ve been unable to make new batches of Joint Stimuflex — my revolutionary solution to joint stiffness, aches, tension, and inflexibility…

Because one of the properties that makes it so powerful is a special ingredient called Boswellia Serrata extract.

Boswellia Serrata (Olibanum Indicumm) is a plant native to India, known for its astonishing ability to reduce joint discomfort, especially in the knees.

Anyway, a while back, my original supplier was bought by another company… and to my surprise, the new owners refused to make it at the same level of potency I was getting before.

Well, I certainly wasn’t about to compromise my formula, so I bid them farewell (even though it meant a delay in production).

Then, about four months ago, a colleague of mine discovered Bhupinder Rai — a famous herbalist who lived in Andhra Pradesh.

There, he ran a family owned business that used a special, meticulous process to create Boswellia Serrata extract… in its purest form!

Anyway, that was what brought me to India — I knew I had to meet with Bhupinder right away.

And sure enough, his extract was absolutely outstanding — both in quality and purity.

So I immediately ordered enough for a new batch, and now, as a result of my efforts…

Joint Stimuflex is finally back in stock!

And to celebrate, I’m letting Whole Body Research subscribers experience this potent new batch at up to 30% OFF...

So you can wake up each morning feeling limber, relaxed, and ready to tackle your day — the way you did years ago.

Click HERE to save up to 30% off your supply of Joint Stimuflex right now

Seriously, imagine what your life would be like without stiff, achy-feeling joints?

Would you travel more? Trek a mountain and get closer to nature?

Would you spend more time gardening or living it up with your grandkids?

Whatever you chose to do, Joint Stimuflex can help:

  • Loosen stiffness in your knees, hips, arms, hands, and other vital areas
  • Relieve muscle soreness
  • Soothe fiery-feeling joints
  • Increase flexibility

In fact, most users notice a difference in just 2-10 days!

So how does it work? Well, I already told you about Boswellia Serrata extract…

But Joint Stimuflex also contains 4 other powerful compounds:

Natural Eggshell membrane — a groundbreaking compound rich in glucosamine and collagen proteins (which are essential for healthy joint function1).

Turmeric — an extraordinary natural extract, known to reduce joint irritation.

White Willow Bark — to alleviate general aches and pains

Piperine — an ingredient derived from black pepper, which allows for maximum and quick nutrient to absorption.

…Which work together, to help you run like a well-oiled machine.

Now, If you’ve ever wondered why I sleep in my laboratory every week — it’s because each batch of Joint Stimuflex (like all my formulas) is created under my personal supervision.

And this will never change.

But, as a result, I can’t offer these special prices for very long… or I’ll be out of stock (yet again) well before the next batch is ready.

That’s why this discount will be available until this Friday — March 3rd, 2017.

So I urge you to get your order to me as soon as possible, or else you’ll have to pay full price later on.

Click HERE to order Joint Stimuflex at up to 30% off retail

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy

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P.S. I’m confident Joint Stimuflex can make you feel stronger and more capable than ever before…

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Headline: [Heart Warning] You only have 24hrs left

Dear [NAME]

Sorry if I’m moving fast here, but I have some really important news for you.

In case you missed my email a few days ago — I was offering a discount of 25% OFF every bottle of Antarctic Krill Oil.

This sale officially ended Sunday.

But I’ve decided to extend it for 24 more hours.

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Here’s why:

On Sunday night, my inbox was packed with emails from subscribers.

And they all had one thing in common:

They simply missed the sale because everyone was so busy with family festivities during Easter weekend.

Frankly, I’m not surprised, and I completely understand.

However, your body needs these ingredients.

You see, Antarctic Krill Oil contains something that’s absolutely critical for the health of your cardiovascular system:

Omega-3 fatty acids.

Now, most people have heard of the amazing benefits of omega-3s.

But they’re not all the same.

You see, the omega-3s inside Antarctic Krill Oil have a combination of special properties that simply can’t be found in any other source.

For one thing, Antarctic Krill Oil has DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) — which don’t exist in plant-based omega-3s, such as flaxseed oil.1

And DHA/EPA can help lower LDL (bad) cholesterol, and raise HDL (good cholesterol).

Now, if you’re currently taking fish oil to get your omega-3s — there’s a couple of things you need to consider…

Many species of fish, especially today, are full of toxins, such as mercury — and there’s no way to filter all of them out.

Secondly, fish oil is tough to digest. Hence, the dreaded (and nasty) fishy burps.

On the other hand, Antarctic Krill Oil is pure — because it comes from the most pristine waters on Earth — the Arctic Ocean!

And it’s booming with Phospholipids, which enable the EPA/DHA omega-3s to efficiently be absorbed into your body — so you never get any unpleasant aftertaste.

So toss that fish oil into the trash and order the richest, most potent source of omega-3s on the market — for a huge 25% OFF.

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Now, the phenomenal health benefits of Antarctic Krill Oil are not just limited to your heart. It can also help you have:

  • Sustained energy
  • Sharper thinking
  • Clearer vision
  • Less pain in your joints.
  • Smoother, younger-looking skin

And all of these benefits come from one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature:


You see, krill exclusively feast on algae that live at the bottom of the sea — which are rich in astaxanthin.

So, oil that’s extracted from the krill naturally has large concentrated levels of this incredible antioxidant.

Plus, astaxanthin also has the side benefit of preventing oxidation.

That means your krill oil won’t go rancid — so you can stock up and not worry about having to throw away unused bottles.

Talk about a one-two punch.

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Now, I want you to think about something for a moment:

Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the world.

And it’s often called the “silent killer.”

Because many people only find out about the health of their heart during an annual physical.

So that’s 12 months of either making your heart healthier — or opening the door for the “silent killer.”

Which would you rather do?

Now, by ordering your supply of Antarctic Krill Oil within the next 24hrs, you’ll be taking a huge step towards improving the health of your heart — and feeling much better.

And that means many more fun Easter weekends with friends and family.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy

Whole Body Research


P.S. As you can imagine, the process of harvesting krill, extracting its oil, and shipping it to my laboratory for bottling — is complicated and very expensive. I truly wish I could keep this sale going even longer, but it’s impossible.

Enjoy 25% off on Antarctic Krill Oil (sale ends in 24 hours)

Every bottle of Antarctic Krill Oil is made under my strict supervision, so it comes with my 90-day satisfaction guarantee. Now, even though Antarctic Krill Oil is super potent, I realize everyone’s body is different. So, I want you to have plenty of time to try it out. And if you’re unhappy for any reason, just send back the bottles – even if they’re empty. And my US-based customer support team will return your money, no questions asked.




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I can’t wait for you to start feeling the benefits of Vital Reds: enhanced energy, better digestion, boosted metabolism, and a palpable sense of vitality!

In the meantime, I’ll be personally emailing you with updates, breakthroughs, recipes, unique health tips, and exclusive subscribers-only discounts through this email newsletter.

Finally, please feel free to reply at any time with your questions, concerns, product reviews, stories, or even ideas for upcoming newsletters…

I look forward to getting to know you!


Steven GundryMD
Steven Gundry, MD

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Headline: It’s not really beef! (Read before eating)

Hi {{contact.first_name}},

Dr. Gundry here with something special for you: a tasty, simple, and healthy recipe right out of my book Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution.

Today’s recipe features one of my very favorite proteins: steak.

Surprised? I get it. Many of my patients were shocked to hear a cardiologist recommending a steak recipe!

But the fact is, lean beef can be a wonderful source of protein when eaten in moderation and when you stick to my two simple rules…

Rule #1: Eat only the correct serving size.

This is easy. A serving of meat – whether it’s beef, lamb or fish – should be no more than 4 oz (about the size of the palm of your hand).

Rule #2: Eat only grass-fed beef.

For most of human history, our ancestors only ate beef from animals raised on grass. Why? Because cows are designed to eat grass.

But over the past 100 years, there’s been a major shift in our diet – and we’re just now starting to feel the impact of it. “Big Agriculture” started feeding livestock with grains to save money and increase production, but we’re the ones paying the price with our health.

Here’s why this change has been so harmful…

Grass-fed beef has a natural, balanced ratio of omega-6 fats to omega-3 fats – the ratio is about 3:1, which is perfect.

But when your ratio is any higher than 4:1, you start getting serious health problems: heart disease, hypertension, arthritis, and more.

And the fact is, modern, grain-fed beef can have a ratio of 20:1 or even higher! Grain-fed beef is deficient in healthy omega-3s but it’s loaded with omega-6s, which are extremely unhealthy at these high levels.

Grass-fed beef is healthier, it’s leaner, and it tastes better… I tell my patients to switch to grass-fed beef exclusively.

However, it is more expensive than grain-fed beef, and that’s where my recipe today for Chipotle Flank Steak comes in handy. Flank steak is as tasty and tender as a ribeye or strip steak, but often a third of the price – or even less.

And by adding one tenderizing ingredient to the marinade — goat’s milk yogurt — you’ll end up with the most succulent flank steak you’ve ever eaten.

[Note: If you’re not a big fan of beef, you should STILL save this recipe. The marinade is great on chicken, salmon, and grilled veggies, too.]


  • 3 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 3 Tablespoons lime juice
  • Zest of one lime
  • 1 Tablespoon Dijon mustard
  • 1 garlic clove, minced
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1 tablespoon sauce from canned chipotles en adobo OR 1 tablespoon pure chile powder
  • 1 cup plain goat’s milk yogurt
  • 1 grass fed flank steak (about 1 ¼ pounds)
  • Sea salt to taste


  1. Combine all ingredients except the steak and sea salt in a resealable zip top plastic bag. Seal bag and shake to mix well.
  2. Add steak and press air out of the bag, making sure the meat is well coated in marinade. Let marinate AT LEAST one hour, or as long as 8.
  3. Preheat a grill or skillet over high heat.
  4. Remove steak from marinade, pat dry, and sprinkle with salt.
  5. Grill to desired doneness — medium rare is about 4 minutes per side — and let rest for 5 minutes before serving.
  6. Slice steak against the grain into thin, diagonal slices. Serve 4 oz of meat per person.

And there’s your steak! Now, the best thing about this particular recipe is its versatility.

Since you’re making a larger piece to start, you’re sure to have plenty of leftovers… and since this recipe tastes good hot OR cold, it’s as nice on a salad as it is hot.

For Dinner:

For a simple weeknight meal, I love to serve my steak over a bed of riced cauliflower, along with grilled asparagus (with a healthy drizzle of olive oil, of course!)

Or if I’m in the mood for something decadent, I make two of my favorite steakhouse sides:

  • Creamed spinach — sauté spinach with garlic until wilted then remove from heat and stir in cream cheese, salt and pepper, and a dash of nutmeg for the EASIEST creamed spinach.
  • Mashed “potatoes” — steam cauliflower, then mash with sour cream and grated parmesan

For Lunch:

There’s a reason you see some variation of a steak salad on almost EVERY restaurant menu: it’s a classic.

My favorite steak salad features peppery arugula, shaved pecorino cheese (just a little bit), pickled red onion, and a sprinkle of parsley.

After all, when you’re starting with a perfectly cooked steak, it doesn’t take much to make a fantastic salad.

And I keep the dressing simple too — just a mixture of red wine vinegar, lemon, and extra virgin olive oil.

[TIP: If you’re packing this salad to go, put the dressing, steak, onion and cheese on the BOTTOM of your container. Then top off with the arugula. When you tip your salad out onto a plate, you’ll have a perfectly dressed salad, without soggy greens.]

Now, before I sign off… I’ve got one question for you:

In your opinion, what’s the hardest part about trying to eat healthy?

I’ll read through your answers and come up with easy solutions for the most common problems – so please reply to this email and give me your input!

Looking out for you…

Dr. Steven Gundry
Steven Gundry, MD

P.S. I’m serious! Reply to this email and answer this question for me: “What’s the most difficult thing about trying to eat healthy?” I’ll come up with real solutions for you and I’ll put them in one of the next Newsletters – so hit reply and tell me what you think!

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Headline:  Stop what you’re doing for 5 minutes.


{{contact.first_name}}, get up out of your chair right now!

Actually… you can start this sitting down if you need to. It’s up to you!

Either way, what you’re about to do is going to be fun. And in 5 minutes, you’re going to have dramatically more energy and feel better than you do right now. Sound good?

“Dr. G, what are you talking about?”

I’m talking about 5 simple, short moves to do right this minute that will wake your body up and give you more energy.

Need proof? You’ll have it in 5 minutes. Don’t give yourself time to think about it… just do it, and you’ll see what I mean!

Oh, and grab a watch or timer (or just count to yourself). Here we go!

Dr. G’s 5 Minute Energy Recharge

First Minute: Jog in Place

I like to call this the Standing Trot. That’s because a trot is easy, and that’s the point — you shouldn’t be overdoing it.

If you’re getting hot, it’s not a trot.

We’re waking ourselves up, not wearing ourselves out! Just a nice, easy trot for 1 minute. That’s the ticket.

Modification: You don’t even have to stand!

Do it seated. Move your legs and arms like you’re running while seated upright in a chair. If you feel silly while doing this, just keep going anyway.  Have a chuckle about it if you need to. Heck, I do all the time!

Alright, when the clock strikes one minute, let’s hop into the second energy-recharging move!

Second Minute: Classic Crunches

If your abs are stronger, you’ll stay young longer.

A strong core is essential to maintaining mobility and eliminating back pain.

Lay on your back with your spine straight and your knees bent and focus on lifting your head and shoulders up with your abs — you don’t need to sit all the way up.

Modification: If regular crunches bother your back, try a supported crunch instead…just rest your calves on a chair or bench with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Do crunches in this position to ease pressure on your spine.

Alright, two minutes down!

Now, before I get to the next energy-recharging move, let me tell you a quick story…

Years ago, I used to speak with the famous exercise icon Jack LaLanne, known as “The Godfather of Modern Fitness.” As a pioneer in the early days of the health movement, he was a true inspiration to me.

Jack told me there were only two exercises you needed to do if you wanted to work all your muscle groups: 1) Pushups or planks; 2) Squats.

And these are your next two moves…

Third Minute: Simple Plank

Planks are great because they engage all your muscles at once… yet don’t require any movement!

To do a plank, simply get into a “push up” position (top of the push up) and hold it. Keep your back straight, abs pulled in, hands directly below the shoulders, arms straight.

DON’T WORRY: It is very normal not to be able to hold a plank for a full minute without stopping. So, take several breaks if you need them! Again, we’re just recharging here.

Modification: If you need to take some weight off, lower your knees to the ground. Just make sure to keep your upper body engaged and straight.

Now onto Jack LaLanne’s #1 favorite exercise: squats.

Fourth Minute: Essential Squats

To this day, I do squats every morning and every night while I’m brushing my teeth! What’s better than keeping your teeth healthy and strengthening your lower body & core at the same time?

Here’s how to do squats the right way:

Stand with your feet a little wider than hips distance apart, parallel to one another. Inhale, engage your abs, and slowly bend your knees – keeping your chest forward and head lifted.

Bend as deeply as your mobility will allow, then return to standing by engaging your glutes. Do as many repetitions as you can in one minute, focusing on keeping your legs parallel and your abs engaged the whole time!

Alright, 4 minutes gone! Last minute…

Fifth Minute: Meditation

You thought it was going to be another move, didn’t you? Nope!

You’re done moving…  so let’s bring your heart rate back down.  Now that your body and brain are awake, it’s time to sweep away the mental clutter.

And don’t skip this step.

Start by either sitting straight or lying on your back, and focus on breathing in deeply… and breathing out and releasing. You’re relaxing your body with each exhale…

Whenever your mind starts to wander… let the thought go and focus back on your breath.  After a minute, you’ll be refreshed, alert, and energized…

Alright, 5 minutes up! How do you feel? Clearer? Awake?

Welcome back to the land of the alert. I hope you had fun.

Use this routine any time you need a boost. I know I do!

And stay tuned to this Newsletter for plenty more handy day-to-day tricks like this.

Looking out for you…

Dr. Steven Gundry

P.S. Do you make time for exercise? How do you squeeze it into your busy schedule? I’d love it if you’d reply to this email and let me know your thoughts on exercise.

Tell me about your workout routine… or if you’re struggling with finding time to stay fit, tell me about your schedule… or if you’ve got any fitness tips of your own to you’d like to share, I’d love to hear them! Hit reply and give me your input, your thoughts, and your feedback.


Truth About the “Mediterranean Diet.”

Hi, {{contact.first_name}}, Dr. Gundry here!
This past summer, I was invited to an international cardiology conference in Innsbruck, Austria. My wife Penny and I were very excited to have the opportunity to spend some time in Europe together.
After the conference, we went to Italy and got a chance to explore the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet up close with the locals.
Before we left Italy, I put together a blog about our experience and I’d love to share it with you. This blog includes…

  • personal photos from my trip
  • some healthy shopping tips
  • everything you need to know about olive oil
  • exclusive diet tips you won’t get anywhere else
  • even a video I took just for you!

You’re getting a ton of great information in this blog, so I really encourage you to check it out.

Click here to read my new blog and get exclusive diet tips (plus pics, video, and more).
Looking out for you
Dr. Steven Gundry
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